Tourist information

is available at Mereoja reception! Lots of information about the neighborhood and the whole Estonia.

Restaurants and cafes

Tulivee restaurant

Distance 1,3 km

Purtse Castle restaurant

Distance 5,5 km - a`la carte cafe-restaurant

Jäägri Grill

Distance 7 km

Rannu cafe

Distance 7,2 km

Sights and activities

Romantic beachfront

A private beach swimming and romantic walks

Sea activities - RIB-boat

Information at the reception

Sea activities - sailing yacht

Information at the reception

For children - horses

Information at the reception

Fortress Purtse

Distance 5,5 km

Kiviõli Adventure Centre

Distance 15 km

Combined hike at Aidu

Distance 20 km

Ojasaare Golf

Distance 29 km

Estonian Mining Museum

Distance 30 km

Kukruse Polar Manor

Distance 27 km

Kuremäe Convent

Distance 55 km

Narva Castle

Distance 78 km

Rakvere Castle

Distance 40 km

Estonian Police Museum

Distance 40 km

Sirtsi swamp

Distance 30 km

Viru bog

Viru Raba
Distance 65 km